So, What Are Those DOTS Things Anyway?

Service Objects was created in 2001 out of the necessity to validate contact information. Since then we have become a well oiled machine offering over 20 different DOTS Web Services

Service Objects DOTS Web Services offer capabilities that leave our competition in the dust scratching their heads. But a question that keeps rising to the top is…”What does DOTS stand for”?

DOTS” stands for Dynamic On Time Services, an acronym that was created by one of our founders and current CEO. The reason that I wanted to blog about this topic with you is because I’m in sales. I’m on the front lines everyday and one of the most consistent questions I receive is, “what does DOTS stand for?”

If you notice throughout our Web site you will find small “dots” at the top left potion of each page, next to our company logo. These “dots”, or symbols, are what ties our logo and company name with our actual product names, which always begin with the word “DOTS”, case in point our DOTS Lead Validation Web Service.

I hope that I was able to I clarify one thing for you today…when you think of DOTS, think:
Dynamic On Time Services”, and of course, think Service Objects!

Thanks for reading,

Ryan M.

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