Where in the World is Customer Data Validation? Finding the Right Tool

Service Objects has a comprehensive collection of tools designed to cover many needs for Customer Data Validation. However, it can get a little confusing to determine what is the right tool for the job, especially when considering where your organization does business in the world. Our Customer Data Validation services cater to over 250 countries globally. In this blog, we’ll take you on a global tour, highlighting which services are universal and which ones might serve a specific country or region better than another.

Universal Services

Let’s start with our International services that provide validation no matter the country in question. These include:

  • Address Validation – International: This service ensures the accuracy and completeness of mailing addresses across more than 250 countries and territories, including the US and Canada. It corrects any errors in the address format, ensuring compliance with local postal standards.
  • Phone Validation – International: This tool validates global phone numbers, confirming their legitimacy and providing associated contact details. It ensures that the phone numbers are correctly formatted and operational, irrespective of the country of origin.
  • Address Geocoding – International: This service translates postal addresses from over 250 countries and territories into precise geographical coordinates. It’s essential for applications requiring location accuracy, such as mapping, navigation, and logistics planning. By converting a physical address into latitude and longitude, it allows for seamless integration with various geospatial tools and platforms, ensuring accurate location pinpointing regardless of the global address in question.
  • Email Validation: Since email addresses are not geographically specific, this service checks the validity of an email address. It verifies if the email is properly formatted, exists, and is capable of receiving messages, regardless of the location of the user.
  • Name Validation: This service checks and validates names and name combinations. While names may have origins in specific locales, this validation process considers the global diversity of names, ensuring that they are recognized and treated correctly irrespective of their cultural or geographical origins.
  • Global Address Complete: This advanced service offers address suggestions and auto-completion for international addresses. When a user specifies a country or starts typing an address, it provides accurate and formatted suggestions based on the input, streamlining the process of entering global addresses.
  • IP Address Validation: This tool provides detailed information about global IP addresses, including the location, owner, and other relevant details. It’s used to validate the legitimacy of the IP address and can be instrumental in cybersecurity and geolocation services.
  • Customer & Lead Validation – International: This comprehensive service validates and scores customers and leads on a global scale. It assesses various aspects of the contact information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, and IP locations, to ensure the authenticity and quality of international customers and leads.
    Region-Specific Services

Many of our services also have specialized features that help support specific regions and countries, including:

USA and Canada

For businesses operating solely in the US and Canada, where global coverage is unnecessary, we offer specific services like Address Validation – US and Address Validation – Canada. These services provide USPS specific designations for the US and tailored validation for Canadian addresses.


Japan benefits from solid coverage from our international services. Additionally, our Address Validation – International and Name Validation services support localized text for Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana, providing comprehensive coverage of Japanese names and addresses down to the building or house in regional languages.


In India, we face the challenge of acquiring authoritative data due to the limitations of India’s postal system. Certain areas in India (and other developing countries) lack a level of technical sophistication that ultimately provides authoritative data, leading to varied coverage and resolution levels. Here, our “Status” and “Resolution Levels” outputs from the services are particularly useful in guiding business logic.  We continue to monitor and update these regions as trusted data becomes available.

Meeting Your Global and Regional Customer Data Validation Needs

The examples highlighted are merely a glimpse into our extensive suite of Customer Data Validation tools and their coverage. We recognize that every business has distinct needs, especially when managing customer data across diverse regions. Our team is ready to assist in identifying the most suitable tool for your unique requirements, whether you’re focusing on local or global operations. Our expertise spans over 250 countries, ensuring a solution that’s right for your business. Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us with your specific needs. At Service Objects, we are committed to ensuring the accuracy of your data and providing top-tier tools and support to enhance your customer data validation strategies.

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