It all starts with accurate email addresses

Making certain that every email address in your Marketo account is valid and deliverable is key to successful email campaigns and lead nurturing efforts. Email Validation can help you: 

  • Save on Marketo and lead costs: stop paying for bad leads and prevent them from entering Marketo.
  • Improve ROI and campaign performance: reduce bounce rates and increase opens by ensuring every address is deliverable.
  • Protect your sender reputation: identify and remove high-risk emails that can damage your sender reputation.
Learn how our Email Validation service seamlessly integrates with Marketo, ensuring you’re working with accurate and deliverable email addresses. 

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Stop bad emails from entering Marketo

Cluttering Marketo with undeliverable and bogus contact information wastes Marketing and Sales teams’ time and money. 

Whether your leads are self-generated or purchased, verifying their accuracy is critical to streamlining your marketing automation efforts, saving you money and optimizing your campaigns.

“Email Validation flagged over 7% of our recent lead file as undeliverable, resulting in a credit of over $16,000 from our list provider.”

 – Leading Telecom Customer

How much can Email Validation save you?

This simple calculator helps estimate your savings when bogus and undeliverable email addresses are removed from your Marketo database.

SAVE: $45,000
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