Contact Tracing for Public Health Departments

Leverage Data Accuracy to Improve Outbreak Response Times

Accurate Data is Essential in Contact Tracing

Correctly identifying individuals who have potentially been exposed is key to slowing the spread.

For contact tracing to be effective, cases need to be reported and followed up on as quickly as possible. Capturing accurate and up-to-date contact information at the point of entry and alerting those who have been identified is critical to help getting us back to normal.

Contact Record Accuracy is Critical

Contact tracing has a short window of opportunity to help slow the spread of disease. Gathering accurate contact information for those exposed and their contacts needs to happen quickly and accurately.

Some areas where accuracy issues can start:
  • Case workers making manual data entry errors
  • Contacts can only provide partial contact information for those they have come in contact with
  • Contacts relocate or change phone numbers

Prevent COVID-19 surges

Real-time contact validation services help optimize contact tracing efforts by verifying contact data is accurate, genuine and up-to-date at the point of entry, greatly reducing the number of errors introduced at time of capture. This enables case workers focus on people not data entry.

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Contact Record Accuracy Made Simple

Service Objects’ suite of validation APIs for contact records can be easily integrated into contact tracing software and databases.

Address Validation

Real-time address correction and append services ensure address accuracy. Change-of-address service ensures that addresses are current.

Geocoding Services

Geocoding tools allow contact data to be mapped and tracked visually by translating addresses into precise latitude and longitude.

Phone Services

Reverse look-up services can verify ownership and line type information. Our Phone Append service completes missing phone data.

Name Validation

Name validation ensures that contact names are correct. This service is especially helpful when names are provided verbally or mis-typed during data entry.

We are committed to
using our data for good.

We are working to help keep people healthy and fight COVID-19:
  • Partnering with government agencies to assist in their contact tracing efforts and follow up on future updates.
  • Cleanse, dedupe and enhance Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 data with over 200 additional data points.
  • Bring our 19 years of validation expertise to improve and establish data quality processes.
  • Deploying the most accurate datasets available to correct and enhance contact records.
  • Ensuring 99.999% uptime and providing 24/7/365 support.

Some of the world's biggest brands rely on Service Objects

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