Holidays 2020: Delivery in the Time of COVID

700 Million Gifts Will Not Arrive on Time for the Holidays

Address Accuracy is More Important Than Ever

According to, online shopping is expected to increase 47% in the US and 30% globally for the 2020 holiday season.

Traditional delivery services like the USPS, FedEx, and UPS will struggle to keep up with demand, resulting in missed, late and lost deliveries, while increasing customer service inquiries and returns.

Shipping during the 2020 Holidays

ince March, the impacts of COVID-19 has accelerated ecommerce growth exponentially. In addition, the 2020 holiday season will see 30% growth in online shopping globally. With this hyper-growth, it is estimated that ecommerce orders will overwhelm delivery capacity by 5%, resulting in an estimated 700 million deliveries worldwide not being delivered on time. We can expect to see:
  • Last-Mile delivery services will be stretched thin and could run out of capacity, makng accurate address information critical to streamlining the delivery process.
  • Non-traditional delivery services like Uber, Lyft and InstaCart will be used for last-mile delivery needs and increase chances of packages being mis-delivered.
  • Brick and mortar locations will take on local fulfillment roles, including order management and scheduling local deliveries, altering the role of retail associate and increasing the chance of errors.
  • Growth in orders and resulting delays, as well as inaccurate address information will increase customer service “Where is My Order” (WISMO) inquiries.
  • USPS will be handling a large volume of mail-in ballots, further reducing delivery capacity.
Accurate and up-to-date addresses can help ensure your orders are set up for optimal delivery timeliness.

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Delivery Accuracy Made Simple

It all starts with ensuring address data is corrected and accurate at the time of capture. Accurate addresses allow for cost-saving pre-sorting, reduced shipper correction fees and improved route planning efficiencies.

Service Objects’ domestic and international address validation services ensure addresses are genuine, accurate and up-to-date and can be quickly integrated into ecommerce platforms ensuring addresses are correct and deliveries are on-time.

Address Validation - US

Instantly verify, correct and append US addresses with near perfect match accuracy.

Address Validation - Canada

Instantly validate and correct Canadian addresses.

Address Validation - Int'l

Instantly correct, standardize and append addresses for over 250 countries.
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