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Non-Urgent Issues:

The best way to solve your technical support issue is to contact us electronically by filling out the Request Technical Support form on the right. Please provide us with as much detail as you can.

Urgent Issues:

For issues affecting DOTS Web Services, contact us directly by calling our main line.
  • Phone 1-805-963-1700
  • Toll Free: 1-800-694-6269

After Hours Support

Non-Urgent After Hours Issues: Please complete the form and we will respond during the next business day.

Urgent After Hours Issues: If you are a current DOTS customer with a production key, and have an urgent issue outside our regular business hours, you can reach an on-call Quick Response Team member on our after-hours support line.

  • Call 1-805-963-1700 and follow the prompts for DOTS after hours support. A Quick Response Team member will typically contact you within 20 minutes.

Some of our Global Data Validation Services

Address Geocode - US
Translates US addresses into longitude and latitude coordinates with a 99.8% match rate accuracy — also supports reverse geocoding.
Address Validation - US
Instantly verifies, corrects and appends US mailing addresses with near-perfect accuracy.
Change of Address
Accesses the USPS change-of-address data for both residential and businesses in the US.
Email Validation
The most comprehensive real-time email validation service available.
Establishes address location to ensure correct tax rates for both US and Canada. Tax rates are continually synced with tax authorities.
Lead Validation - International
Performs multi-point verification and correction of your leads and assigns an overall quality score.
Name Validation
Parses and corrects first and last names, name order, gender. Identifies business names and flags vulgar, celebrity and garbage names.
Global Address Complete
Enables people to select from a drop-down of suggested addresses as soon as they start typing.

Customer Service is our Passion

At Service Objects, providing exceptional customer service and support is part of our culture. Our support team is 100% available 24/7/365 and ready to help you whenever you experience a technical issue with any of our services. We are so proud of our support, we offer the industry’s only financially-backed Service Level Agreement.


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