Customer Data Validation Drives Better Decisions

Customer Data Validation is essential for today’s businesses. It ensures that your customer data is not only accurate but also relevant and current. 

Discover how accurate customer data boosts your business’s efficiency, nurtures trust with your customers while helping you stay agile. 

During the webinar, we will discuss how Customer Data Validation:

  • provides customer insights like demographics, location intelligence and phone number accuracy
  • elevates customer experiences with personalization
  • ensures compliance with data privacy regulations
  • minimizes fraud risks for both your business and your customers

The outcome? Enhanced customer satisfaction and a thriving business relationship.

Join us on August 29th at 11 am PST to learn more. 

Can’t attend the live event? Register and we will send you a copy of the recorded webinar.

Customer Data Validation:
Make Better Decisions About the Customers You Serve

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 @ 11 am PST

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Featured Presenter ​

Rob Manser, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Rob brings a passion for all things marketing. With over 25 years of omni-channel marketing experience and a deep understanding of how customer data quality impacts a business, he is uniquely positioned to discuss the impacts data quality can have on your business and bottom line.  

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