Most Accurate Data

The Most Complete Source for Accurate Data. Proven and Certified.

Each year, 8% of people will move and 15% will change their e-mail address. About 18% of online registrations are incomplete or fraudulent. About 23% of all mail contains addressing error. When you need to identify invalid contacts, fraudulent transaction, or enhance existing data records, you need to get it right the first time around.

No other company has more contacts and more current data than Service Objects. For over 19 years, we’ve validated more than 4 billion transactions for thousands of companies to validate and enhance for phone, email, address, IP, tax, geocoding, and demographic records.

We dedicate more resources to compiling blended demographic, geographic, and firmographic information than any vendor in the industry from hundreds of data sources. Our data, which rates high in certified tests, covers more than 330 million individuals in the US and Canada. Our comprehensive databases cover 25% more contacts than competing services.

We’re so confident in the quality of our data, we even give you immediate access to our APIs to try. No sales calls, no pre-qualifications. Just try and see for yourself.

We’ve invested in our technology infrastructure, data sources, and engineering resources to build the most complete and accurate contact validation and data enhancement tools. Good for you. Good for your business

Universal Specifications - Data Accuracy (PDF)