Continuous Monitoring to Keep Your Data Up-To-Date

Let’s talk about something that is becoming a growing topic lately: large-scale continuous monitoring of your contact data.

Technology has made it possible to rapidly process large amounts of data with a minimum of infrastructure, thanks to companies such as Snowflake, a cloud-based “data warehouse as a service” firm that was ranked as America’s top startup by LinkedIn in 2019.

Capabilities such as these put concurrent processing of massive amounts of data in the hands of a much wider range of companies – ushering in a new era of capabilities for enterprise-wide contact data, with a corresponding new set of data quality issues. Here, we’ll take a look at the implications of this trend for you and your business.

Cloud-based computing and continuous monitoring

Capabilities like these are the latest chapter in what has become a familiar story. Not that many years ago, replacing individual silos of corporate data with large-scale data warehouses required substantial investments in computing infrastructure and processing power. Today, the concept of a cloud-based data warehouse makes it much easier to replace these silos with massive, centralized resources.

This article provides a good overview of the concepts behind Snowflake’s “as a service” data warehouse capabilities. Their platform allows you to have a near-unlimited number of multiple virtual warehouses processing data concurrently. In addition, you can adjust the level of concurrent processing of this data in real time, allowing quantum increases in response time, as well as the ability to quickly scale up to massive amounts of simultaneous users.

The bottom line is that these capabilities dramatically facilitate the ability of businesses to centralize their contact data operations at a large scale – which, in turn, ushers in both a need and an opportunity to ensure the quality of these contact data assets in real time. This is where continuous monitoring comes in.

Centralizing your data and your data quality

Moving to massive cloud-based warehouses of contact data, which are used and processed simultaneously by multiple business functions, makes data validation more critical than ever. Without it, bad data and fraudulent activity can quickly propagate across the organization.

Companies use platforms such as Snowflake for many reasons, included use cases where businesses are moving, transforming, storing and manipulating large numbers of contact records. Our tools can sit on top of this process, monitor for changes, and automatically update this data – ensuring that your data is always up-to-date and accurate.

Our DOTS Address Validation product suite, as well as individual validation tools for email, phone and address recovery, using continually updated USPS and international postal data as well as other authoritative databases, and offering millisecond-level response rates for real time processing of contact data from any data entry or modification point. In addition, bundled capabilities such as DOTS Lead Validation combine validation with cross-checking of all your contact data across over 130 data points, to ensure accuracy and prevent fraud.

All Service Objects products feature API interfaces that integrate with popular business automation platforms, along with financially guaranteed 99.9999% uptime, expert implementation assistance, and available 24/7/365 technical support. Our convenient cloud-based capabilities can help maximize your profitability, minimize fraud and compliance risks, and ensure that your customers and brand reputation continue to grow in this new era of massively-scaled data management.

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