Getting to the Inbox – Five Important Features of Email Validation

Each year over 25% of email addresses in a company’s customer or contact database become obsolete. The reasons are numerous: people switch jobs, change email providers or unsubscribe from a mailing list. As your email list goes out of date, you run the risk of dramatically increasing bounce rates, putting your company at risk of being black-listed by ISPs.

“The most important thing a company can do to protect themselves from being added to SPAM lists is to ensure the deliverability of every email address they have,” states Emanuel Fuentes, Software Engineer at Service Objects. “By regularly validating email addresses in their systems, companies not only maximize the potential of existing relationships, they also reduce inefficiencies in their processes and reduce waste of time and resources.”

Five important features to look for when selecting an email validation service:

  1. Does the service perform error checking on both sides of the @ sign – both in the user name and the domain name. TIP: Look for a company that eliminates invalid email addresses like “,” which appears to be a legitimate email to many services.  Sophisticated algorithms can help weed out these addresses.
  2. Does the service verify that the domain in the email address exists, and has a valid MX record associated with it
  3. Does the service perform a test at the mailbox level, and determine if that mailbox actually receives mail
  4. Does the service detect and flag bogus or malicious addresses that may be cluttering up your inbox
  5. Does the service provide  a free trial so that you can test for yourself and verify the actual match rates

An email validation service like DOTS Email Validation will help protect your business by identifying possible issues, allowing you to address them before sending out an email blast.

Safeguard your business against SPAM violations by ensuring your emails are delivered – every time.

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