Name Validation – The Most Important Data There Is

DOTS Name Validations 2

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie, “How to Win Friends & Influence People”

In today’s highly connected world, we have more opportunities to connect with people than ever before. But what if those opportunities are overwhelming not only to us but to our prospects as well? Companies are fighting hard to put themselves in front of customers and prospects in an ever-crowded marketing space.

One way to give your company a competitive advantage is to show your customers how important they are to you – not just as a revenue source, but as a unique individual.To accomplish this lofty goal, the first and most important step is to address your customers by their correct name and gender-specific title – whether over the phone, in an email or letter. What woman wants to get a letter addressed to Mr. Jane Doe? Do you know any men that want to be called “Miss Christopher Smith?”

A robust name validation service can help ensure that each contact name in your database is spelled correctly and aligns with the correct gender of the name. This will help you personalize your outbound communications, and show your customers that you care to know them at the most basic level.

A second critical step is ensuring that the name is “genuine” — why clutter your contact database with names like Mickey Mouse or Britney Spears? A reputable name validation service clears out bogus, vulgar and celebrity names, as well as garbled keystrokes. Removing disingenuous names allows you to focus on the real prospects that are interested in your products or services. Plus you’ll be reducing any waste caused by creating and preparing materials for bogus contacts, or follow-ups involved.

Often name validation is overlooked in overall data quality. If your company does not solve for this, you run the risk of reduced customer satisfaction. Learn how DOTS Name Validation 2 can be integrated into your existing systems. Our proprietary database of nearly 10 million names will help take your business to the next level.

Shakespeare once wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet.” The question is, would he have felt the same if he had received correspondence addressed “Dear Ms. Shacke Spear…”?

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