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Why I Chose Service Objects for Employment

It was the beginning of April 2020 and I had just been laid off from what I often referred to as my dream job. I was asking myself, “what’s the next move?”That is quite the loaded question during...

Ryan Dougal, Product Marketing Manager
Ryan Dougal
Product Marketing Manager
September 15, 2020

COVID-19: What It Means to Our Team to Help Out

COVID-19 has dramatically changed business around the world, especially small business. It has touched all of our lives in some way or another: from the daily anxiety of how it might affect you or your...

Jonas Shaefer, Director of Engineering
Jonas Shaefer
Director of Engineering
June 25, 2020

Starting a new job during COVID-19

Welcoming Beginning a new job with the option of working remote is every millennial’s dream, right? Roll out of bed, put in your AirPods, and you are ready to go for that morning meeting with your team,...

Fatime Elrgdawy, Jr. Application Engineer
Fatime Elrgdawy
Jr. Application Engineer
June 18, 2020