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Is Your Contact Data Ready for Holiday Shopping?

As I write this article, it is now just over a month before the holiday shopping period that runs from Black Friday and Cyber Monday through the end of the year – a period that, for many retail and...

Rob Manser, Marketing
Rob Manser
October 22, 2019
Black Friday Neon Sign

Exceptional Customer Service Knows No Holiday

The four-day Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally the start of the holiday shopping season, with Black Friday sales bolstering bottom lines and consumer spirits. Retailers, online and off, are expected to...

Rob Manser, Marketing
Rob Manser
November 20, 2018

Cyber Monday is Coming. Is Your Business Ready?

In 2017, Cyber Monday sales reached an all-time high – and trends show that we may see another record-breaking year. Service Objects broke its own record last Cyber Monday with the most transactions in a...

Carolyn Healey, Director of Marketing
Carolyn Healey
Director of Marketing
October 23, 2018