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Combating the Seven Types of E-commerce Fraud

A recent Information Age article paints a challenging picture of how e-commerce fraud is growing as consumers continue to move more of their spending online. U.S. retailers report their online...

Rob Manser, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
Rob Manser
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
July 28, 2020

Phone Exchange for US and Canada – A Deep Dive

DOTS Phone Exchange is Service Objects’ entry level reverse look-up API. It packs a lot of value, providing carrier data, line type, porting and location information for numbers around the world.This...

Jonas Shaefer, Director of Engineering
Jonas Shaefer
Director of Engineering
April 16, 2020

Maximizing the Value of Your Leads: A Use Case

What are the best leads for your business? Obviously the ones that purchase your products or services. Understanding what makes up these leads requires data, research and market intelligence.Equally...

Rob Manser, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
Rob Manser
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
March 26, 2020

The Latest Trends in Fraud and Identity Verification

Fraud is big business nowadays, and 2019 has been no exception. According to IDology’s Seventh Annual Fraud Report, overall levels of fraud remain similar to previous years, with online fraud reported to...

Carolyn Healey, Director of Marketing
Carolyn Healey
Director of Marketing
December 17, 2019

IP Reputation and the Nationwide Bomb Threat Hoax

The bomb threat hoax from Thursday, December 13, 2018 was easily detectable as fraud.There were several smoking guns that could have quickly identified the bomb threats as bogus. The leading indicator of...

Geoff Grow, Founder & CEO
Geoff Grow
Founder & CEO
December 14, 2018