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Better Sales Tax Matches with New FastTax Improvements

Service Objects has been returning location-based tax rates in the DOTS FastTax API since 2001. Back then, we identified sales tax rates using only zip code. Since zip codes could cross multiple city and...

Jonas Shaefer, Director of Engineering
Jonas Shaefer
Director of Engineering
October 4, 2018

These New Sales Tax Laws Might Affect Your Business

Colorado is a very difficult state to accurately calculate sales tax in. We estimate there are thousands of tax rates that vary based on location. As with most states, sales tax rates in Colorado are a mix...

Jonas Shaefer, Director of Engineering
Jonas Shaefer
Director of Engineering
January 10, 2017

Keeping Up with Ever-changing Sales Tax Rates

In most cases, selling physical products in the United States also means calculating, collecting, reporting, and paying sales tax. If you have multiple stores, operate a delivery service, or ship...

Rob Manser, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
Rob Manser
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
May 26, 2015

Prepare Now for The Marketplace Fairness Act

Since May 2013, there has been a lot of talk and discontent about the Senate approving the Marketplace Fairness Act. This Act will grant states the right to require online and catalog retailers, regardless...

Service Objects
July 2, 2013

E-Commerce: Calculating the Right Sales Tax

"Tax complexity itself is a kind of tax." ~Max Baucus Since the beginning of the year, 25 different cities or counties in the state of Arkansas have had changes in their sales & use tax rates. In...

Service Objects
April 27, 2011
Service Objects integrations can help improve your contact data quality, help with data validation, and enhance your business operations.

Drupal Integration with DOTS FastTax

This week I'd like to highlight an integration of the DOTS FastTax Web Service with the Ubercart 6 e-commerce package for Drupal. Drupal developer Ankur Rishi, along with Bob Hinrichs, CTO at ISL...

Service Objects
March 19, 2009