The Importance of Validating Emails During the COVID-19 Crisis

In this COVID-19 world we are now living in, more business is being transacted electronically than ever before. This means that email has become even more important – particularly for critical customer communications such as policy updates, password resets, shipping delivery notices and more. This underscores the need to have correct email addresses and ensure deliverability, each and every time. The way to achieve this is by using an email validation service, such as Service Objects’ DOTS Email Validation.

Email Validation can be integrated directly to your application using a simple API interface, with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms, and is also available for batch list processing. It helps ensure your email data quality, improving deliverability and reducing bounce rates by up to 90% while protecting your sender reputation.

A wealth of email validation capabilities

Email Validation provides a complete solution for validating your email contact information, combining industry-leading verification capabilities with features including:

  • Correcting common syntax and spelling errors in global email addresses, to preserve potentially valid contacts
  • Flagging potential spam traps and honeypots, to protect you from blacklisting and damage to your sender reputation
  • Guarding against fraud by checking for bogus email addresses as well as known national and international spammers
  • Providing important MX specific flags such as: catch-all, wireless, free, disposable, alias, domain quality and many more

In addition, Service Objects recently enhanced our Email Validation service, featuring a new data source that significantly improves validation capabilities for email addresses with Yahoo! domain names. Yahoo! is a major email provider with over 225 million subscribers and a large global reach. Their free email services are also integrated with their longstanding search engine and website, which still ranks among the most popular in the world.

Our expanded capabilities now provide effective validation of the full range of Yahoo! email addresses, including country-specific addresses such as in the United Kingdom, in France, and many other countries, as well the general domain.

Try it yourself

To help you discover what Email Validation can do for your email contact data, we are offering a free 500-transaction trial key – you can sign up for it online on our product information page. All of our data quality products are backed by expert technical assistance, 24/7/365 support, guaranteed 99.999% uptime with the industry’s only financially-backed service level agreement, and more.

If you would like to speak with one of our Data Quality Specialists to discuss best practices for Email Validation and how it can benefit your business, please contact us.

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