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Retail Recovery and Geocoding

The world is suddenly in a very different retail environment than anyone ever expected just a few months ago. The global COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the business model for most retailers, some...

Rob Manser, Marketing
Rob Manser
May 26, 2020

SO Strong: A Note from Our CEO Geoff Grow

Amid the backdrop of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to reassure you that Service Objects is ready for the fight. We are prepared as well as we can be for this unusual time. We are fortunate to face...

Geoff Grow, Founder & CEO
Geoff Grow
Founder & CEO
March 24, 2020

Staying Safe and Working for You

First, you and your families’ health is by far the most important thing and we wish you all the best during these unprecedented times brought on by the COVID-19 virus. Service Objects is committed to...

Carolyn Healey, Director of Marketing
Carolyn Healey
Director of Marketing
March 19, 2020

Being Prepared

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus has dominated the news lately, and it has quickly had a major and disruptive impact on life and business around the world. As this illness has spread, cities...

Rob Manser, Marketing
Rob Manser
March 10, 2020