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Verify and Correct Mailing Addresses Geocode Provides Latitude & Longitude Append Demographic Data

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Real-time API validates, corrects and standardizes US addresses
Pinpoints customer address locations with geocoding
Appends customer demographics and timezone

DOTS Address Validation PlusSM is a real-time API that improves the processing and delivery of mail by standardizing and verifying addresses to ensure deliverability by appending any missing information. In addition, this address validation service translates a street address to latitude-longitude coordinates and provides demographic data to create a comprehensive customer profile based on their location.

Sub-Second Response Times for Address Validation Plus
Sub-second response times
CASS certified - USPS Approved Address Verify
USPS Approved
CASS Certified
Geocoding addresses for longitude and latitude
Latitude & Longitude Coordinates
Demographics for US Addresses
Geocentric population data points

How Address Validation Plus Works

Please provide an address below and see how our service corrects and appends mailing addresses, calculates longitude and latitude coordinates and provides geocentric demographics.

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Real-Time API Responses

See below for the full response from our Address Validation Plus service.

Service Result CORRECTED       APPENDED

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Address27 E Cota St
CitySanta Barbara
Barcode Digits931017603992
Carrier RouteC006
Congress Code24
County Code083
County NameSanta Barbara
Fragment House27
FragmentPMB Number
FragmentPMB Prefix
Fragment Post Dir
Fragment Pre DirE
Fragment StreetCota
Fragment SuffixSt
Fragment Unit
DPV DescThe Input Record Is A Valid Mailing Address, But Is Missing The Apartment Or Rural Route Box Number
DPV Notes1, 8, 17, 22, 23
DPV Notes DescThe Input Address Matched The Zip+4 Record, The Input Address Matched A Dpv High-rise But A Secondary Was Not Input, Default Zip+4 Record Used To Certify The Address, Address Exists But Mail Is Being Returned, Highrise Apartment/office Building Address
Corrections DescZip Code Change
Area Code805
City AbbreviationSanta Barbara
City TypeP
Time Zone8
Day Light SavingsY
DMASanta Barbara - Santa Maria - San Luis Obispo
Zip Latitude34.419120
Zip Longitude-119.703421
Median Income200054042
Median Income200563700
Area Household Income55042
County Household Income72310.0
State Household Income69758.0
Geocode LevelS
Geocode Level DescriptionThe Address Matched Exactly At The Street Location.
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Features and Benefits

Customer Support
Uptime Guarantee
Support Engineers
  • Returns standardized, corrected and appended postal information for over 165 million unique addresses throughout the United States
  • Regularly updated database of USPS CASS-certified street addresses
  • Corrects critical address elements: bad street names, cities, states, and ZIP codes
  • Translates street address to exact latitude/longitude coordinates
  • USPS-certified Delivery Point Validation (DPV) verifies that the address is deliverable
  • Integrated address geocoding with property-level matches as high as 99.8%
  • Provides over 25 basic ZIP code level demographic and profiling data points
  • Uses intelligent matching algorithms for high match rate accuracy
  • Real-time API or batch services available
  • Response time as fast as 400 milliseconds

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Four Ways to Use Address Validation Plus

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Integrate our easy-to-program data quality APIs directly into your systems for real-time data validation, appending and data hygiene.

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