Verify Mailing Address, Append Lat/Long and Demographic Data

DOTS Address Validation Plus

DOTS Address Validation Plus is a real-time web service API that allows businesses to validate, correct and standardize address data, pinpoint customer address locations with geocoding, and append demographics.

DOTS Address Validation Plus℠ improves the processing and delivery of mail by standardizing and verifying addresses to ensure deliverability by appending any missing information. In addition, this address validation service translates a street address to latitude-longitude coordinates and provides demographic data to create a comprehensive customer profile.



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Four ways to use our services

Integrate any of our easy-to-program contact verification APIs directly into your systems for real-time cleansing, appending and fraud protection.


When you have a quick list that needs to be verified and cleansed, it's time for DataTumbler, our PC-based data cleansing application.


Implementing an automated FTP batch for your data quality needs is the perfect way to cleanse data from one of your systems on a scheduled time of day or month.


Our Quick Lookups are the perfect way to get the job done fast! Access-from-anywhere data validation tools will come in handy for quick contact lookups.

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Plans start as low as $289 per month
    • Returns standardized, corrected and appended postal information for over 165 million unique addresses throughout the United States
    • Regularly updated database of USPS CASS-certified street addresses
    • Corrects critical address elements: bad street names, cities, states, and ZIP codes
    • USPS-certified Delivery Point Validation (DPV) verifies that the address is deliverable
    • Response time as fast as 400 milliseconds
    • USPS addresses updated monthly
    • Translates street address to exact latitude/longitude coordinates
    • Integrated address geocoding with property-level matches as high as 99.8%
    • Provides over 25 basic ZIP code level demographic and profiling data points
    • Uses intelligent matching algorithms for high match rate accuracy
    • Real-time API or batch services available
  • DOTS Address Validation Plus is much more than a simple address validation tool. Not only can you use this API to verify addresses, you can link basic demographic data such as ZIP code household income figures to optimize business efficiency and create targeted offers. Our address validation API also lets you append latitude/longitude to address records, resulting in geocoding data that can be used to identify location-based trends and make smarter decisions.

    Address validation standardizes address data which improves shipping processes, reduces undeliverable mail, and speeds up delivery rates. Exact coordinates on address locations coupled with basic demographics for each contact record provide your marketing team with actionable information for improved efficiency and optimized marketing campaigns.

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