DOTS Address Insight (“AIN”) is a publicly available XML web service that provides comprehensive address validation, location identification and appends demographic metadata information about a location in the US. The service provides validated, standardized and parsed address information, geocoding information, demographics information and other useful insights about an address in the United States. A Status score is returned giving users an indication of how likely it is that the location exists especially useful for those out of the way rural addresses that may be hard to identify with a normal USPS database. Address Insight can provide instant address validation/geocoding data to websites or enhancement to contact lists. The extensive demographic statistics help you identify and enhance your service to your best customers.

Developer Guide Map

Integration Basics

Important Notes!

  1. This XML is the definition of the web service, meaning its inputs, outputs, operations, and the like.  Most likely, you will have another tool read this WSDL and make the operations available to you in your application.  Whenever your utilities or IDE asks for a WSDL path to AVI, you can provide this one.
  2. SOAP is done via POST, only with special XML markup in the post-body.