This operation should be used for any attempts to get Canadian tax information. Given a province name (or abbreviation), it returns sales tax information for that area. All Canadian taxes are kept at the province level and easy to check. But this operation provides an easy report for anyone using DOTS FastTax. While simple, Canadian rates do change periodically making this operation more useful. The outputs for Canadian Taxes are different from the previous operations. The full province name and its abbreviation are returned. In addition, there are three types of taxes returned for Canada. Provincial Sales Taxes (PST) are collected for most provinces. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is also applied in many cases. For a few provinces there is an alternative Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) which is a simplified blended version of PST and GST. In all cases, either HST or PST and GST apply (the other values will be 0 in each case). Finally, there is a last flag (ApplyGSTFirst). If set to true – GST should be applied to the price of the item first and then PST should be applied to the combined total. If false – the taxes are applied individually to the normal cost of the item.

URL Endpoints

GetCanadianTaxInfoByProvince Inputs

ProvinceStringVariesThe full name or abbreviation of the province to get tax rates for
LicenseKeyStringVariesYour license key to use the service.
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GetCanadianTaxInfoByProvince Outputs

ProvinceNameStringVariesThe full province name.
ProvinceAbbreviationStringTwo letter prov. codeThe provinces abbreviated name.
GoodsSalesTaxStringDecimal digitThe value of the Goods and Services Tax for the province.
ProvinceSalesTaxStringDecimal digitThe value of the sales tax for the province. This value applies for PST, QST or RST.
HarmonizedSalesTaxStringDecimal digitThe value of the Harmonized sales tax for the province.
ApplyGSTFirstString“True” or “False”A flag that tells if GST should be applied to the price prior to calculating PST, QST or RST. In the last several years this concept has gone away and all cases are now False.
ErrorStringVariesThe error object containing information about the error returned.