Will leverage USPS data and additional data sources

URL Endpoints

FindOutlyingAddress Inputs

AddressStringAddress line of the address to validate.  
For example, “123 Main Street”.
Address2StringThis line is for address information that does not contribute to DPV coding an address. For example “C/O John Smith” does not help validate the address, but is still useful in delivery.
CityStringThe city of the address to validate. 
For example, “New York”.  The city isn’t required, but if one is not provided, the Zip code is required.
StateStringThe state of the address to validate.  For example, “NY”.  This does not need to be contracted, full state names will work as well.  The state isn’t required, but if one is not provided, the Zip code is required.
PostalCodeStringThe zip code of the address to validate.  A zip code isn’t required, but if one is not provided, the City and State are required.
LicenseKey*StringYour license key to use the service.  
Sign up for a free trial key at 

FindOutlyingAddress Outputs 

Output ParameterTypeValuesDescription
LevelStringVariesThe level to which the input address could be verified.
NotesStringVariesNotes that can give information about the validity or
existence of an address
NotesDescStringVariesDescriptions of the Notes given in the notes field.
ErrorErrorVariesError object indicating why the service could not return a
result. See “Errors” page for more information.
Address1StringVariesThe corrected Address line 1.
Address2StringVariesThe corrected Address line 2.
CityStringVariesThe corrected city name.
StateStringVariesThe corrected state name.
Postal CodeStringVariesThe corrected zip code + 4.
DPV [1]StringVariesNumber that correlates to a DPV(Delivery Point Validation) result. An indicator displaying whether or not the address is recognized as deliverable by the USPS.
NameStringVariesThe variable name of the Name-Value pair that is to be returned. Usually contains extraneous information like parsed address fields
ValueStringVariesThe resulting value of the of the variable returned in the “Name” field.
*See section on DPV Notes and Corrections for possible values/descriptions


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