Returns geographic location and proxy information for a given IP address.

URL Endpoints

GetLocationByIP_V2 Inputs

IPAddressStringIP address to look up, for example, “”
LicenseKeyStringYour license key to use the service.
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GetLocationByIP_V2 Outputs

CityStringVariesThe city location of the IP address.
RegionStringVariesThe state location of the IP address.
CountryStringVariesThe country location of the IP address.
CountryISO3StringVariesThe 3-letter country abbreviation.
CountryISO2StringVariesThe 2-letter country abbreviation.
LongitudeDoubleVariesThe latitude coordinate for the IP address.
LatitudeDoubleVariesThe longitude coordinate for the IP address.
CertaintyInt0 to 100Rating of how accurate the outputs are likely to be.
IsProxyString“TRUE” or “FALSE”Indicates whether the IP address is a known proxy.
ProxyTypeString“NONE”, “PRIVATE”, “PUBLIC”, “ANONYMOUS”, “SATELLITE”Indicates the type of proxy.
ISPStringVariesThe ISP which assigns the IP address.
NetblockOwnerStringVariesThe network owner to which the IP address is allocated.
ErrorErrorVariesSee “Error Codes“.