Variations Object for Places

Listen for Events Example

DOTSGlobalAddressComplete.listen("populate", function(address, variations) {
    document.getElementById("LabelJSON").innerText = variations.Label;


PIDStringThe specific record ID that is used when SELECTing results. This ID allows you to look up more than just the recommended result.
NameStringThe name of the place the result returned.
LabelStringA more descriptive label of the place with the name and more relevant address info.
TypeStringType of Locality result returned. Possible values are Locality1, Locality2, Locality3, or Locality4.
ThoroughfareStringThe thoroughfare of the address. Will be “null” with this search type.
Locality1StringThe Locality1 result returned.
Locality1_PIDStringThe associated PID if a Locality1 result is returned.
Locality2StringThe Locality2 result returned.
Locality2_PIDStringThe associated PID if a Locality2 result is returned.
Locality3StringThe Locality3 result returned.
Locality3_PIDStringThe associated PID if a Locality3 result is returned.
Locality4StringThe Locality4 result returned.
Locality4_PIDStringThe associated PID if a Locality4 result is returned.
AdminArea1StringThe AdminArea1 result returned.
AdminArea1_PIDStringThe associated PID if a AdminArea1 result is returned.
AdminArea2StringThe AdminArea2 result returned.
AdminArea2_PIDStringThe associated PID if a AdminArea2 result is returned.
AdminArea3StringThe AdminArea3 result returned.
AdminArea3_PIDStringThe associated PID if a AdminArea3 result is returned.
AdminArea4StringThe AdminArea4 result returned.
AdminArea4_PIDStringThe associated PID if a AdminArea4 result is returned.
AdminArea5StringThe AdminArea5 result returned.
The associated PID if a AdminArea5 result is returned.StringThe associated PID if a AdminArea5 result is returned.
CountryStringThe country of result returned.
Country_ISO3StringThe ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3 Country Code of the country associated to the address selected.
Country_PIDStringThe associated PID of the country associated to the address selected.
ContinentStringThe continent of the result returned.
Continent_PIDStringThe associated PID of the continent returned.
LatitudeStringThe latitude coordinate of the centroid of the result returned
LongitudeStringThe longitude coordinate of the centroid of the result returned
CoordinateTypeStringThe precision level of the coordinate returned. Will be “centroid” for this search type
PostalCodesStringA list of all associated postal codes for the result returned.

*Note, currently we will be returning US zip codes but will be expanding this to other countries as we expand on our coming soon search types.