Error Codes

Error codes in DOTS Address Geocode – CA are the same for all operations. They are as follows: 

Error Code 1 – “Input cannot be less than zero length”

This error means the web service did not get any input. The connection to the service was made, and data was transferred, but no parameters were passed that the service could understand.
This error often happens when input is passed to the service with namespaces that the service does not understand. Applying a namespace to any of the parameters (Address or LicenseKey, in this service) will cause this error. 

Desc. CodeDescription
1You must enter a proper municipality/province combination or postal code.
1Please provide a valid license key for this web service.

Important Note!

The namespace is not applied to the GetGeoLocation element, it is only present.

Error Code 2 – Various descriptions

This error code appears when various errors occur, but are of the expected nature. Oftentimes, maligned or incomplete input will cause an error 2. 

Desc. CodeDescription
2Please input a valid address.
2Please input a valid postal code.
2Location not found.
2No Results Found.

Error Code 4 – Various descriptions

An error code 4 is a fatal error and it means something has seriously gone wrong. You will never see an error code 4 in a live production environment.