The GetExchangeInfo operation returns exchange information such as carrier, line type, city, and state for any valid U.S. or Canadian phone number.

URL Endpoints

GetExchangeInfo Inputs

PhoneNumberStringPhone number whose exchange is to be verified.
LicenseKeyStringYour license key.

Important Notes!

Only U.S. and Canadian phone numbers are supported in this operation.

GetExchangeInfo Outputs


TokensUsedintNumber of tokens consumed in this request see Appendix B).
TransactionIDstringUnique identifier for this request.
ProviderProviderProvider Information. See table below.
DebugstringUtility field; safe to ignore.
ErrorErrorSee Error


NameStringName of the exchange carrier.
CityStringCity of the exchange.
StateStringState of the exchange.
LineTypeStringType of the exchange: LANDLINE, WIRELESS, VOIP, UNKNOWN.
LatitudeStringLatitude of the city, state.
LongitudeStringLongitude of the city, state.

Important Note!
Due to line number portability, it is possible that certain phone numbers have been moved to different carriers, cities, or even line types. Exchange information will not reflect ported phone numbers