Generally, an error is anything that happens during execution of DOTS Telephone Verification that causes the service to fail. The source of these errors may be user input, license key transaction limits, timeouts, and unexpected circumstances. Applications should expect and handle any and all errors appropriately. Occasionally, new error types or descriptions may be introduced to the web service as new features and data sources are implemented. Description strings may change slightly, so use the description code to determine which error has occurred. Errors are organized into types, listed in the table below.

There are four error types described below.

Error Types

TypeTypeCodeBillableStandard Across All Gen2 Web Services
User Input2YesNo
Service Objects Fatal3NoYes
Domain Specific4YesNo

Error type 1: Authorization

The Error object appears under the main return object. Below is an example of the error returned when the PlaceCall operation is accessed without a valid license key

<Desc>Please provide a valid license key for this web service.</Desc>

Error type 2: User Input

User Input errors are caused when a user inputs an invalid value or fails to provide a certain input field altogether. If a developer creates a request and mistypes a parameter name, it will probably cause a User Input Error.

1Please enter a valid CountryCode plus PhoneNumber combination.
2PlaceCall is not enabled for this CountryCode and PhoneNumber combination
3Please enter a valid 10-digit ph one number for the CallerID field.
4Please enter a valid extension consisting of digits and the ‘w’ character.
5Please enter a valid extension pause time in whole seconds.
6Please use a supported language code. Currently supported languages: (varies)
7VerificationCode must be an empty string or a string of 3 (varies) digits.
8VerificationCode must be a string of 3-6 (varies) digits.
9SendSMS is not enabled for this CountryCode and PhoneNumber combination
10Please enter a valid message between 1 and 140 characters long.
11Please enter a valid 10-digit phone number for the PhoneNumber field
12TransactionID does not exist.

*Deprecated DescCode that are no longer used.

Error type 3: Service Objects Fatal

The Desc will always be the same and the DescCode has no meaning. This is standard to all Generation 2 DOTS Web Services. This is a rare error that signals either a bug in the DOTS Address Validation 2 service, or a Network/Connectivity issue.

1Database error retrieving country code information.
2Error placing call in primary queue
3Error placing call in secondary queue.
4Error sending message to primary SMS provider.
5Error sending message to secondary SMS provider.
?Other error occurred. Contact Service Objects

Error type 4: Domain Specific

Domain specific errors represent the common errors seen in Service Objects services.

1Operation Not Supported