DPV Codes

1Yes, the input record is a valid mailing address
2No, the input record is not in the DPV database of valid mailing addresses
3The apartment or rural route box number is not valid, although the house number or rural route is valid
4The input record is a valid mailing address, but is missing the apartment or rural route box number

DPV Notes

*New notes may be added over time, and some descriptions may change, but the codes will never change

1Perfect address
3Unique ZIP code
4Street alias – flag can be double, (i.e. &&) if extended USPS alias rules were applied
11Default ZIP+4 record used to certify the address
13Firm location but was certified as street address or high-rise
21Address exists but is vacant
22Address exists but mail is being returned
25Military APO/FPO address
26The input address matched the ZIP+4 record
27The input address did not match the ZIP+4 record
28The input address matched the DPV record
32The input address is a building name, and the primary is missing
35Missing PO box, Rural Route, or Highway Contract box number
36PO box, Rural Route, or Highway Contract primary is invalid
37The input address specified a PMB and matched a CMRA
38Street address
39Highrise apartment/office building address
40General Delivery address
41Post Office Box address
42Rural Route or Highway Contract address
43Firm or Business address


*The corrections listed are preliminary corrections. More in depth and specific correction codes will be added in the future.

CorrectionsCorrections Desc
1Address1 corrected.
2City corrected
3State corrected
4Zip corrected.
  • Notes
  • **New and improved Notes will soon be added to DOTS Address Detective Service**