This is the basic operation for finding the reverse-lookup information. Given a phone number, will consult national directory-assistance databases to find the owner and address registered. The addresses returned are not validated via any address-validation technique. They are returned to you exactly as the phone carrier releases them. If you need these addresses to be validated, using Service Objects’ AddressValidation web services is highly recommended. 
Both the contact’s information and the phone company’s information are returned with this operation. The other operations in this service return the same data, but pared down. This operation reverses the contacts name if the contact is residential (ie it returns name as Last,First).

Two valuable bits of information are also retrieved – whether the phone line is for business or residential purposes, and whether the phone line is landline or wireless. By examining the WSDL, you may see that multiple groups of contact/exchange information are possible. Although they are possible in the XML, you will only see one exchange per output, always. It is common, however, to see multiple contacts per phone number (as people change numbers, or there may be multiple businesses at the same phone number.) It is highly recommended that you handle each of these contacts, rather than just the first contact returned.

URL Endpoints

GetPhoneInfoLastFirst Inputs

PhoneNumberStringPhone number to look up, for example, “805-963-1700”
LicenseKeyStringYour license key to use the service.
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GetPhoneInfoLastFirst Outputs

ProvidersProviders[]An array of providers associated with the given phone number
ContactsContacts[]An array of contacts associated with the given phone numbers
Error Error Error Object Indicating why the service could not return a
NameStringVariesThe name of the line carrier of the phone number (“AT&T”).
CityStringVariesThe city location of the carrier’s exchange (“New York”).
StateStringVariesThe state location of the carrier’s exchange (“NY”)
LineType  StringLandline / Wireless/
The type of the phone line, can either be “Landline” or “Wireless”.
NameStringVariesThe name that the phone line is registered to. Can either be a person (“John Doe”) or a business (“Doe Corporation”).
AddressStringVariesThe street address to which the phone line is registered.
CityStringVariesThe city to which the phone line is registered.
StateStringVariesThe state to which the phone line is registered.
ZipStringVariesThe zip code to which the phone line is registered.
TypeStringResidential / Business / UnknownThe type of entity that owns the phone line, will be either “Residential” or “Business”.