URL Endpoint

ValidateBIN Inputs

BinNumberStringThe six-digit BIN you wish to validate. The BIN is the first six digits of a given charge card number.
LicenseKeyStringYour license key to use the service.

ValidateBIN Outputs

If no errors are encountered a BinValidationInfo element will be returned with the following information. If there is an error, an Error object will be returned (explained in next section).

BINStringThe input BIN.
BankNameStringThe name of the bank that issued the charge card.
PaymentMethodStringCredit, Debit, or Prepaid.
CardTypeStringDescription of the type of card (i.e. Classic, Platinum, etc.)
CountryAbbreviationStringAbbreviation of the country where the issuing bank is located.
CountryNameStringName of the country where the issuing bank is located.
PhoneNumbersStringList of service phone numbers for the charge card.
ErrorErrorError object indicating why the service could not return a
result. See “Errors” for more information.
DEBUGStringUnused in this service.