This operation organizes really bad address data that is broken up into multiple arbitrary address fields.This function will sort up to six possible address lines and return what it thinks are the most probable candidates for the USPS Address1 and possibly Address2. For example, people’s names in the Address1 line mixed with actual street address lines

URL Endpoints

GetPhoneInfo Inputs

The inputs to this operation are all string objects and are listed in the table below

Input ParameterTypeDescription
PhoneNumberStringU.S. or Canadian phone number to get info.
LicenseKeyStringYour license key.

GetPhoneInfo Outputs


Output ParameterTypeDescription
TokensUsedintNumber of tokens consumed in this request (see Appendix B).
TransactionIDstringUnique identifier for this request
ProviderProviderProvider Information
ContactContactContact Information
DebugstringUtility field; safe to ignore.
ErrorErrorSee Error


Output ParameterTypeDescription
NameStringName of the exchange carrier
CityStringCity of the exchange.
StateStringState of the exchange.
LineTypeStringType of the exchange: LANDLINE, WIRELESS, VOIP, UNKNOWN
LatitudeStringLatitude of the city, state.
LongitudeStringLongitude of the city, state.


Output ParameterTypeDescription
NameStringName of the registered contact.
AddressStringAddress of the registered contact.
CityStringCity of the registered contact.
StateStringState of the registered contact.
ZipStringZip of the registered contact.
TypeStringType of contact: BUSINESS, RESIDENTIAL, UNKNOWN.
QualityStringQuality of the data source.