Proxy TypeDefinition
NONE No proxy was found at the given IP address.
PRIVATEA dedicated server that is used exclusively by one client at a time.
PUBLICA proxy server that is openly available and accessible by any internet user.
ANONYMOUSA proxy server that does not reveal the users real IP address. 
SATELLITEProxy is provided by a satellite connection. Typically used to provide internet connection to rural areas.


PotentiallyMaliciousIP,1Indicates that the IP address has a high probability of being bad/malicious.
MaliciousIP2Indicates that the IP address is almost certainly bad/malicious.

NOTE: Due to the nature of IP addresses and how frequently they can be reassigned, an IP address may be considered malicious when the real-time check was performed but may stop being so afterward. Therefore it is important not to permanently reject or ban a malicious IP address.