BinNumberStringThe six-digit BIN you wish to validate. The BIN is the first six digits of a given charge card number.
LicenseKeyStringYour license key to use the service.
StatusString“OK” or “NotFound”A value indicating whether or not the input BIN was found in our system.
BIN [1]StringVariesThe input BIN.
BankNameStringVariesThe name of the bank that issued the charge card.
BrandStringVariesThe brand associated with the given BIN. (i.e. Mastercard, Visa, Discover etc)
CardTypeStringVariesCredit, Debit, or Prepaid.
SubTypeStringVariesDescription of the type of card issued by the bank (i.e. Business, Classic, Platinum, etc.)
CountryStringVariesName of the country where the issuing bank is located.
CountryISO2StringVariesName of the country where the issuing bank is located.
PhoneStringVariesList of service phone numbers associated with the charge card
WarningsCode[]VariesA series of codes and warning descriptions that correspond to different information given about the BIN. See below for a table of codes and descriptions
NotesCode[]VariesA series of codes and note descriptions that provide additional information about the BIN. (There are currently no note codes associated with this operation)
InformationComponentsInformationComponent[]VariesA array of name value pairs with additional fields and information about the BIN.(There are currently no Information Components in use in this operation)
ErrorErrorVariesError object indicating why the service could not return a result. See “Errors” for more information.
DEBUGStringUnused in this service.
Name TypeValuesDescription
CodeIntVariesA code that will correspond to the given description
DescriptionStringVariesA description containing additional information.
NameStringVariesThe variable name of the Name-Value pair that is to be returned.
ValueStringVariesThe resulting value of the of the variable returned in the “Name”.
1Bank Information Not Found
2No Card Type Found
3No Country Associated with BIN
*New Warnings will be added in the future to the BIN Validation service