This is the basic operation for finding sales tax rates in the United States. Given a US zip code and a tax type, it returns sales tax information for that zip code. Several pieces of information are returned, starting with basic information about the area. Zip code, city, county, FIPS, and state are returned here. 
Six tax rates are also returned. An overall rate that represents the combined sales tax rate for that area and the five tax rates it is based on. These five rates are the state rate, the city rate, the county rate, the county district rate and the city district rate. Finally, a field representing any tax exemptions that might be available. Exemptions are normally kept at the state level and can consist of any combination of Labor, Freight and Services. By examining the WSDL, you may see that the service can return multiple tax rates (multiple TaxInfo results). This is because at the zip code level, it is possible that there may be additional matches found. Zip codes can border multiple cities and counties and each might have a different tax rate. It is important to consider all of the results since any of them may be the correct one.

URL Endpoints

GetTaxInfoByZip_V2 Inputs

PostalCodeStringVariesThe zip code associated with the desired tax rates
TaxTypeStringsales / useSelects the type of tax to look for, for the given area.
LicenseKeyStringVariesYour license key to use the service. 
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GetTaxInfoByZip_V2 Outputs

ZipStringVariesThe given zip code
CityStringVariesThe city associated with the given zip code
CountyStringVariesThe county associated with the given zip code
CountyFIPSStringThree digit numberThe FIPS code associated with the zip code
StateNameStringVariesThe state associated with the give zip code
StateAbbreviationStringTwo letter state codeThe common two letter state abbreviation
TotalTaxRateStringDecimal digitThe decimal representation of the overall tax rate
TotalTaxExemptStringVariesThe exemptions available for that area. Combinations of Labor/Freight/Services
StateRateStringDecimal digitThe decimal representation of the state’s tax rate
CityRateStringDecimal digitThe decimal representation of the city’s tax rate
CountyRateStringDecimal digitThe decimal representation of the county’s tax rate
CountyDistrictRateStringDecimal digitThe decimal representation of any special district tax rates for the county
CityDistrictRateStringDecimal digitThe decimal representation of any special district tax rates for the city
ErrorStringVariesThe error object containing information about the error returned.