This operation is almost exactly like GetGeoLocation, but rather than geocoding given a specific address, DOTS Address Geocode – CA will geocode given a postal code. The coordinates given are an average centroid of a given postal code and often times match precisely to the street location.

URL Endpoints

GetPostalCodeInfo Inputs

Postal CodeStringThe postal code to geocode.
License KeyStringYour license key to use the service. Sign up for a free trial key at

GetPostalCodeInfo Outputs

LatitudeStringNumberThe latitude of the given postal code plus four.
LongitudeStringNumberThe longitude of the given postal code plus four.
Postal CodeStringStringThe postal code of the given input.
Time ZoneStringStringThe time zone of the given postal code.
DSTStringCharBoolean value determines if location uses daylight savings time.
Area CodeStringNumberThe area code for the given postal code.
CityStringStringThe city for the given postal code.
City PopulationStringNumberThe city population for the given postal code.
ProvinceStringStringThe province for the given postal code.
ErrorErrorVariesError object indicating why the service could not return a result.