• Usage Overview

  1. Create a Job
    1. a.Build an array of 100-500 addresses (100 minimum to create job)
    2. b.Create a personalized JobId (can be almost any alpha-numeric string of less than 50 characters)
    3. c.Submit the addresses, JobId, and License Key to the “RunNCOA Live” operation.
  2. Run more transactions against your personalized JobId
    1. a.Once the Job is created, you can run single transactions or batches of up to 500 all at once through the “RunNCOA Live” operation.
  3. Close the Job by running a report
    1. a.Calling either “GetCASSSummaryReport” or “GetNCOALinkSummaryReport” will close your job and return report statistics.
    2. b.These statistics will be available at any time for up to 3 months.
    3. c.Transactions may no longer be run against that JobId
  4. Go back to Step 1 and repeat with a new JobId.

Developer Guide Map

Integration Basics

Important Notes!

  • This XML is the definition of the web service, meaning its inputs, outputs, operations, and the like.  Most likely, you will have another tool read this WSDL and make the operations available to you in your application.  Whenever your utilities or IDE asks for a WSDL path to NCOA Live, you can provide this one. Every web service has “operations” that it offers to subscribers – methods that do different work and return different output. Examining the link above, you will notice several of these operations available, which are described in detail later on. Each of these operations will be described in detail later in this document.