This operation performs basic checks on user-supplied inputs; Address1, Address2, Municipality, Province or Postal Code and returns verified Address, Municipality, Province, and Postal Code in Canadian address recommended format which is uppercased. This operation also returns the time zone and checks on if the supplied location is a P.O. Box, General Delivery, or Rural Route. This operation requires either a Postal Code or both Municipality and Province.  Providing all inputs is recommended because it helps the validation proceed if some of the elements are malformed.

URL Endpoints

ValidateCanadianAddress Inputs

AddressStringAddress line of the address to validate. 
For example, “123 Main Street”.
Address 2StringThe Address2 of the address to validate. This will only be used in particular situations where the Address1 does not help in validating the address.
MunicipalityStringThe Municipality of the address to validate.
ProvinceStringThe Province of the address to validate.
PostalCodeStringThe Postal Code of the address to validate. A Postal Code isn’t required, but if one is not provided, the Municipality and Province are required.
LicenseKeyStringYour license key to use the service. 
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ValidateCanadianAddress Outputs

CanadianAddressInfoObjectVariesThe returned values of a valid Canadian Address.
ErrorObjectVariesThe returned error result from a failed address verification or user input error.
DebugString[]VariesUsed internally for testing.
AddressStringVariesThe corrected Address line 1.
Address 2StringVariesThe corrected Address line 2.
MunicipalityStringVariesThe corrected Municipality.
ProvinceStringVariesThe corrected Province.
PostalCodeStringVariesThe corrected PostalCode.
TimeZoneStringVariesThe corresponding time zone from the validated address.
AddressNumberFragmentStringVariesThe parsed address number returned from the validated address.
“123” in “123 S. Main Street” 
StreetNameFragmentStringVariesThe parsed street name fragment returned from the validated address. 
“Main” in “123 S. Main Street” 
StreetTypeFragmentStringVariesThe parsed street type returned from the validated address. 
“Street” in “123 S. Main Street” 
DirectionalCodeFragmentStringVariesThe parsed returned directional code fragment from the validated address.
“S” in “123 S. Main Street” 
UnitTypeFragmentStringVariesThe parsed unit type fragment from the validated address. i.e. “Apt” or “Suite”
UnitNumberFragmentStringVariesThe parsed unit number fragment from the validated address. “1” of “Apt 1”
IsPOBoxStringVariesThe returned Boolean value of a validated address as being a PO Box address.
BoxNumberFragmentStringVariesThe returned Box Number from a PO Box address.
StationInfoStringVariesThe returned Station Name of the Delivery Station.
DeliveryModeStringVariesThe returned Delivery Mode of the address.
DeliveryInstallationStringVariesThe returned Delivery Installation Type where the final mail sort happens.