Anything that happens during a run of DOTS Address Validation 3 that causes it to be unable to finish its normal processing is an error. If an error occurs, something similar to the following will result instead of the normal/typical output: 


  <Desc>Your license key does not work on this service.</Desc>

There are four error types described below.

Error Types

TypeTypeCodeBillableStandard Across All Gen2 Web Services
User Input2NoNo
Service Objects Fatal3NoYes
Domain Specific4YesNo

Error type 1: Authorization

Theses are standard to all Generation 2 DOTS Web Services.

0Unknown authorization error.
1Please provide a valid license key for this web service.
2The daily allowable number of transactions for this license key has been exceeded.
3The monthly allowable number of transactions for this license key has been exceeded.
4The total allowable number of transactions for this license key has been exceeded.
5There are not enough transactions available. Check your daily/monthly transaction limits.
6This license key has not yet been activated.
7This license key has expired.
8Your license key does not work on this service

Error type 2: User Input

User Input errors are caused when a user inputs an invalid value or fails to provide a certain input field altogether. If a developer creates a request and mistypes a parameter name, it will probably cause a User Input Error.

1*Address and Address2 fields were too long.  Together, they must be 100 characters or less.
2*Address field was too long, must be 100 characters or less.
3Please input a street address.
4Please input either zip code or both city and state.

*Deprecated DescCode that are no longer used.

Error type 3: Service Objects Fatal

The Desc will always be the same and the DescCode has no meaning. This is standard to all Generation 2 DOTS Web Services. This is a rare error that signals either a bug in the DOTS Address Validation 2 service, or a Network/Connectivity issue.

1Unhandled error. Please contact Service Objects.

Error type 4: Domain Specific

Domain specific errors represent the common errors seen in Service Objects services. Domain Specific errors indicate that the service completed successfully but the result is not good.

DescCodeDescDescriptionIn use
1Address not foundMajor issue with address that doesn’t fit known USPS special case scenarios.Yes
3Multiple addresses matchSeveral address candidates were found that are equally likely given the input. 
Ex: “1 Main St” matches “1 E Main St” and “1 W Main St”.
5Please enter a valid address number.Yes
7Street not foundStreet name not found for general area (city/state or zip)Yes
8Street number or box number out of rangeStreet name found in area, but the given primary number is not valid for that streetYes
12Internal error.Returned when an unexpected error occurs while processing address, or for special address cases.Yes
14City not foundCity name not found for given state or postal codeYes
15State not foundState abbreviation not foundYes
16DPV Lockout. Contact Service Objects immediately.Returned for a specific type of address case known as a false positive.Yes
17Address not found but the region has General Delivery serviceGiven address not found, but the region provided matches a known area that only provides General Delivery services. Mail sent to “General Delivery” with the recipients name may get delivered to recipient. ***Update Coming Soon***No
21Unable to parse address.Indicates that the input could not be parsed into address fragments.Yes