This operation is almost exactly like GetPhoneInfo, but only returns only the information regarding the phone carrier. 
Although the WSDL may suggest that contact information may be given by this operation, this is not the case; contact information will never be returned.

URL Endpoints

GetExchangeInfo Inputs

PhoneNumberStringThe phone number to be used for reverse-lookup
LicenseKeyStringYour license key to use the service.
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GetExchangeInfo Outputs

Name (Provider)StringVariesThe name of the line carrier of the phone number (“AT&T”).
City (Provider)StringVariesThe city location of the carrier’s exchange (“New York”).
State (Provider)StringVariesThe state location of the carrier’s exchange (“NY”).
LineType (Provider)StringLandline / Wireless /
The type of the phone line, can either be “Landline” or “Wireless”.
ErrorErrorVariesSee “Errors“.