URL Endpoints

GetDistanceToWaterByAddress Inputs

AddressStringThe address of the location.
CityStringThe city of the location.
StateStringThe state of the location.
PostalCodeStringThe postal code of the location.
LicenseKeyStringYour license key to use the service. Sign up for a free trial key at

GetDistanceToWaterByAddress Outputs

MilesToWaterStringDecimal NumberAn estimate on the number of miles between the given location and the nearest saltwater.
LatitudeStringDecimal NumberThe latitude of the location.
LongitudeStringDecimal NumberThe longitude of the location.
ClosestWaterLatitudeStringDecimal NumberThe latitude of the closest saltwater location.
ClosestWaterLongitudeStringDecimal NumberThe longitude of the closest saltwater location
ErrorErrorVariesError object indicating why the service could not return a result. See “Errors” below for more information.