How do I stop my browser autofill?

It doesn't work with all browsers but one solution would be to disable autofill on tag...

autocomplete="none" can be added to disable it, however, this should be thoroughly tested because not all browsers and browser versions accept this.

DOTS Global Address Complete says it can’t find my street!

DOTS Global Address Complete doesn't know about every address, especially empty lots or new streets...

While coverage is extensive, it may take some time for newer addresses to be picked up by the system.

How often do you update your address data?

Due to the various postal sources used, data is constantly being updated.

For compliance reasons, I want to ensure certain countries or regions don’t come back as suggestions. How would I achieve this?

In the options you can set the countries that you want to have returned...

Additionally, you can ask for specific countries to be excluded. For the US, you can even exclude at the state level. Simply reach out to for assistance.


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