Often, users have addresses as a single line of data, which may or may not be separated by commas, slashes, spaces, etc.  For this reason, ValidateAddressSingleLine behaves almost exactly like ValidateAddressWithFragments, but takes all of its input as a single field. 

URL Endpoints

GetPossibleMatchesSingleLine Inputs

AddressStringEntire address to validate. 
For example, “123 Main Street Anytown CA 99999”.
LicenseKeyStringYour license key to use the service. 
Sign up for a free trial key at

GetPossibleMatchesSingleLine Outputs


PossibleMatchesAddressCandidate[]VariesThe corrected addresses.
ErrorErrorVariesError object indicating why the service could not return a result. See “Errors” below for more information.


AddressStringVariesThe corrected Address line 1.
CityStringVariesThe corrected city name.
StateStringVariesThe corrected state name.
ZipStringVariesThe corrected zip code + 4.
Address2StringVariesThe corrected Address line 2.
BarcodeDigitsStringVariesThe post office delivery barcode digits.
CarrierRouteString4 chars4 chars: 1 for the route type, 3 for the route code. Identifies a group of addresses when prepended by 5-digit Zip.
CongressCodeStringVariesThe congress code is the congressional district number.
CountyCodeStringVariesThe county code of the given address.
CountyNameStringVariesThe name of the county in which the given address lies.
FragmentHouseStringVariesThe parsed house number of the given address.
FragmentPreDirStringVariesThe parsed pre-directional of the address’s street.  “North” in “North Main St West”.
FragmentStreetStringVariesThe parsed name of the street in the given address.  “Main” in “North Main St West”.
FragmentSuffixStringVariesThe parsed suffix of the street in the given address.  “St” in “North Main St West”.
FragmentPostDirStringVariesThe parsed post-directional of the address’s street.  “West” in “North Main St West”.
FragmentUnitStringVariesThe parsed unit type (e.g. “Apt” or “Ste”)
FragmentStringVariesThe parsed “Fragment” box, apartment or unit number. Same as FragmentPMBNumber.
FragmentPMBPrefixStringVariesThe parsed type of the apartment, box, unit, etc.  For example, “APT” or “BOX”.
FragmentPMBNumberStringVariesThe parsed apartment, box, unit, etc. number of the given address.
DPV [1]String1-4Number that correlates to a DPV result.
DPVDescStringVariesExplains DPV result.
DPVNotesString1-14Number that correlates to DPV notes description.
DPVNotesDescStringVariesDetails about the DPV result.
CorrectionsString1-43Number that correlates to a Corrections Description.
CorrectionsDescStringVariesDescription of what was corrected in an address.


  1. ^ CASS and DPV: A Higher Standard for Address Accuracy

Important Note!

Output node PossibleMatches may contain many AddressCandidate nodes which contain the outputs described above.