RunNCOALive Inputs

AddressesNCOAAddress[]The addresses to be validated.
JobIdStringUser-created string to identify an open Job. Can be any string of 50 characters or less. Cannot contain any of the following characters:  / * : ? ” < > |
LicenseKey  StringYour license key to use the service. 
Sign up for a free trial key at
NameStringVariesName of address resident.
AddressStringVariesThe primary address line.
Address2StringVariesThe secondary address.
CityStringVariesCity name.
StateStringVariesState abbreviation.
ZipStringVariesZip code.

RunNCOALive Outputs

NameInStringVariesThe raw input name.
RawInputAddressRawInputAddress[]VariesThe list of raw input addresses.
CASSInputAddressCASSInputAddress[]VariesThe list of standardized addresses.
NCOAMatchNCOAMatch[]VariesThe list of change of address information.
DiagnosticsDiagnostics[]VariesDiagnostics Data
ErrorErrorVariesError object indicating why the service could not return
a result. See “Errors” page.
JobId [1]StringVariesThe JobId sent to the service.
AddressStringVariesThe raw input address line
Address2StringVariesThe raw input address2 line
CityStringVariesThe raw input city
StateStringVariesThe raw input state
ZipStringVariesThe raw input Zip code
AddressStringVariesThe standardized address line
Address2StringVariesThe standardized secondary
CityStringVariesThe standardized city name
StateStringVariesThe standardized state
ZipStringVariesThe standardized Zip+4
USPSFootnotesStringVariesA concatenated string of relevant 2-digit USPS “Footnote
codes that give additional information about the input
NameMatchStringVariesThe name that matched the COA record.
AddressStringVariesThe primary address line that the resident moved
Address2  StringVariesThe secondary address line.
CityStringVariesThe city name.
StateStringVariesThe state abbreviation.
ZipStringVariesThe Zip+4.
CarrierRouteStringVariesThe Carrier Route code for the COA address.

The post office delivery barcode digits.

Barcode Example: 931011445011

Zip+4Deliver Point
COAFoundString“True” or
Whether or not a match was found in the COA
data. Does not imply that a valid address could
be found.
NCOAReturnCodeStringVariesThe USPS’s NCOALink Return Code providing
additional information about the nature of the
COA match
NCOAReturnCodeDescStringVariesShort English description of the COA information.
ExtendedNCOAReturnCodeStringVariesUSPS’s Extended NCOA Return Code comprising
a series of key/value strings.
DiscountCodeString1-4A code representing discount level.
DiscountDescriptionStringVariesAn English description of the discount level.
StatusCodeString2-8A code representing the level of quality of the input
address post-validation. Higher is better.
StatusDescriptionStringVariesAn English description of the level of quality of the input
address post-validation.
ServiceFlagsStringVariesUSPS Service Flags output explains what additional
address services were run such as RDI, eLOT, etc