StrictIncrease penalties to meet stricter criteria. A provided name that is not a complete match in terms of First and Last Name found will be more heavily penalized

NoSwapDisables automatic name swap detection (Eg. Smith John) would not be corrected to John Smith.
NoBusinessDisables name classification checks and defaults to “Unknown” classification value
KeepLocalCharactersWill return accented characters in the output of the name if they are submitted in the input.
AllowAbbreviationsAllows names with abbreviations, such as ‘K Richardson’ or ‘Thomas M’. Either the first or last name may be an abbreviation but not both. Name swapping is disabled when AllowAbbreviations is enabled.
AutoDetectNameAuto-detect if a full or single name was given and validate it accordingly. This includes non-Latin character foreign names, although non-Latin foreign name data is limited at the moment.

Status Codes

1Name was given in inverse order
2Name uses dictionary words unlikely to be names
3Disables name classification checks and defaults to “Unknown” classification
4Name unknown due to multiple penalties
5Severe penalty found
6No last name
7One or more names contained international symbols
8One or more names is of unknown origin
9The provided name is classified as a business
10The provided name was leet speak translated
11Part of name is abbreviated.