The PlaceCall operation dials the phone number and reads a verification code aloud. Applications should require an end user to input the same code to verify he is accessible via this phone number.

URL Endpoints

PlaceCall Inputs

CountryCodeStringCountryCode string CountryCode for the destination phone number. Name of business associated with this address. Used to append Suite data.
PhoneNumberStringPhoneNumber to be verified.
ExtensionString (optional)Extension to be dialed after initial pickup.
ExtensionPauseTimeString (optional)Seconds to wait before dialing the Extension.
VerificationCodeString (optional)Code that will be read aloud to the end use.
CallerIDStringCaller ID that will display to the end user. This field only excepts numeric characters.

Important Notes!

  • As of May 1, 2010, the only CountryCode supported is 1 (USA and Canada). As more CountryCodes are supported, the cost for the PlaceCall operation may be determined by destination country or region.
  • If the end user is at an extension, you may specify the extension and the amount of time to wait after the initial pick up to dial the extension digits. We recommend a value of 5 for ExtenionPauseTime (5 seconds).
  • If the VerificationCode is not specified, TV will generate a random 3-digit code to read aloud and return this code in the output fields.
  • The CallerID field must be a valid contact phone number for your organization.
  • As of May 1, 2010, the only Language supported is “en” (English). In the future, other languages may be supported.
  • VerificationCodes should be stored in server-side session variables or in a database—they should remain unknown to the enduser except through the phone line. For example, do not use a form variable to post the verification code from page to page.

PlaceCall Outputs

DescriptionstringA brief description of the CountryCode + PhoneNumber prefix
TokensUsedintNumber of tokens consumed in this request (see Appendix B)
VerificationCodestringThe code read aloud to the user.
TransactionIDstringUnique identifier for this request
DebugstringUtility field; safe to ignore.
ErrorErrrSee Errors

Important Note!

VerificationCode will return the code read aloud to the end user. If you did not specify this code in the input, a code will be randomly generated for you, and you will need this output value to verify the end user’s phone number.