Generally, an error is anything that happens during execution of DOTS Usage Reports that causes the service to fail. The source of these errors may be user input, license key transaction limits, timeouts, and unexpected circumstances. Applications should expect and handle any and all errors appropriately. Occasionally, new error types or descriptions may be introduced to the web service as new features and data sources are implemented. Description strings may change slightly, so use the description code to determine which error has occurred. Errors are organized into types, listed in the table below.

The Error object appears under the main return object. Below is an example of the error returned when the GetDOTSTransactionDetailsByDateRange operation is accessed without a valid license key.


<Desc>License key and e-mail do not match our records.</Desc>
Error codes in Usage Reports are the same for all operations.

Error Code 1 – “Input cannot be less than zero length”

<ReportTransactionDetailUsage xmlns="">

Error Code 2 – Various descriptions

License Key is required.
Email is required.
License key and email do not match our records.
A valid Date is required.
Please enter a valid date range.
Please provide a valid license key for this web service.
This license key has expired.
This license key has not yet been activated.
Error initializing service.

Error Code 3/4/5 – Various descriptions