99.999% Server Uptime – How We Guarantee It

Many products and services claim to always work. But when they don’t? Unfortunately, the answer is frequently, “sorry.”

For our customers, “sorry” isn’t good enough – especially since we serve industry leaders in mission-critical industries such as finance, health care, and retail. This is why we became one of the first vendors in the data quality industry to guarantee our clients an uptime level of 99.999% or greater.

When we say “guarantee,” we don’t mean that we are just trying hard: we back up this guarantee with one of the industry’s only financially-backed service level agreements (SLA).

How we can guarantee uptime

Service Objects can offer this guarantee thanks to industry-leading practices for security, infrastructure and redundancy, including:

  • Data centers that are staffed 24/7/365.
  • Secured physical access, including keycards, PIN codes, biometric scans, video surveillance and locked dual-door entry ports.
  • Environmental controls, including fire-threat detection and suppression and redundant power and HVAC.
  • State-of-the-art network security, on hardened Windows servers with redundant systems and continuous monitoring,

On top of these safeguards, we maintain a complete separate failover server to allow uninterrupted access to our services in the event of problems with our primary servers. You can find out more about our security infrastructure here:

Here is how our guarantee works: if we do not meet our goal of 99.999% API availability in any given calendar month, we will issue a service credit to paying customers with month-to-month or prepaid annual accounts. These credits range from one service day for short outages over 30 seconds, all the way to a free month for outages exceeding two hours. This strong guarantee underscores our confidence in the infrastructure we provide for your data quality applications.

Here is what our customers say

We realize that clients often use our products in mission-critical, real-time applications environments where dependability and uptime are essential. Network excellence, which stands for seamless data integration, accuracy, security and reliability, has always stood as one of our core values.

How do they react to our guaranteed uptime, and the infrastructure behind it? One measure is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), an industry-standard metric of customer satisfaction based on how likely people are to recommend a vendor to others. Our NPS score is currently 66, which is more than eight times the 2018 technology industry average, and well above other industry giants such as Intel (52), IBM Software (51) and Cisco (38). We are proud of maintaining best-in-class NPS scores for over six years and running.

Depend on us for your applications

This uptime guarantee and SLA are part of our ongoing commitment to stand behind our internal processes, network, dedicated support, and the quality of our service offerings. Together they offer an additional level of confidence that you can depend on Service Objects’ products in your most important applications.

To learn more about Service Objects’ 99.999% uptime guarantee, together with details about our service level agreement, visit

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