Dialing for Dollars – Accurate Phone Number Appending Makes the Difference

At a time when people are burdened with an overstuffed inbox, a telephone call can represent a golden opportunity in which to engage personally with your customers. Once you have a contact or potential customer on the phone, you can answer questions, address concerns and overcome objections — an ideal sales situation.

Telemarketing is the only marketing method that allows you to shift selling tactics midstream in direct response to customer feedback. According to The Direct Marketing Association 2012 Annual Response Rate Report, “telemarketing and direct mail surpass digital channels in generating the highest conversion.” Telephone marketing has a nearly 13% response rate (compared with only 0.12% for email marketing). Telemarketing is about building relationships and delivering personalized customer service with a human voice.

If you’re looking to expand or enhance your telemarketing methods, you can automatically append phone numbers to your customer and contact records. A feature-rich phone number appending service with a high match rate accuracy will save your outbound calling team countless hours of manual searching or dialing wrong numbers.

Remember: Every positive customer experience can increase business and bring in new sales. Your customers will appreciate the phone call, and your business will grow because of it — a win-win for everyone.

Give DOTS Phone Append 2 a try for free. This service allows businesses to enhance and complete missing consumer and business phone numbers and address information from their existing records, plus append additional details such as validated address, address type and phone line type for more targeted marketing.

(Read the June 26, 2013 Press Release on Dots Phone Append 2 launch.)

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