Service Objects integrations can help improve your contact data quality, help with data validation, and enhance your business operations.

Examples of Real-World Applications using DOTS Contact Validation Web Services

XML Based Web services were developed with the goal that computers using different environments could communicate and exchange information. At Service Objects, Inc. our commitment to satisfying this objective continues with the implementation of our Web services supported through various languages and environments. It is our goal to simplify the implementation of our services and present real-world scenarios to illustrate its viability in business applications.

We’d like to present two of our newest examples that show how easy it is to integrate our Web services with 3rd party applications:

1. See Batch Email Validation Example Using Microsoft Excel
This example provides a useful tool for performing validation of large email lists through a simple one click interface.

2. See Google Maps / DOTS Address Validation Plus Mashup Example

In this next example, we have used the output of our DOTS Address Validation Plus US service as a parameter to the Google Maps API. Using DOTS Address Validation Plus not only provides mailbox information but also provides geolocation data as well.