Introducing DOTS Address Validation – International

Simplify risk assessment, reduce fraud, and ensure the integrity of your address data with DOTS Address Validation – International.

An address validation service is a must have tool for every business. Choosing not to use one can lead to expensive losses in time, money and resources. However, you don’t want to use just any address validation service. Gain peace of mind knowing that you are covered by one of the most powerful international address validation services on the market today that is backed by an industry leader in the contact validation field.

Our new Address Validation – International service offers:

  • Accuracy match rates up to 99.5%
  • Request time as fast as 200 milliseconds (two-tenths of a second)
  • 99.995% service uptime availability
  • Service License Agreement (SLA)

Break borders

You wouldn’t want your business to be restricted by borders, so why should your address validation service be any different? Instantly correct, verify, and standardize addresses from all over the world, from anywhere in the world.

Service Objects leverages data from over 250 countries, dependent areas and territories from all over the world and includes:

  • Data for over 12 million unique places, localities and regions that are accompanied by several alternate names and languages
  • Regularly updated data licensed directly from a country’s postal authority
  • Language support for countries such as China, Japan, Russia and others

Easy to use

One simple web call is all you need. The DOTS Address Validation – International web service can be accessed from just about any platform that utilizes an internet connection. Simply submit the address that you wish to validate and instantly get back the validated and formatted address.

  • No software to install, update or maintain
  • Supports JSON and XML
  • Supports HTTP GET, POST and SOAP
  • Sample code available in PHP, Java, C# and others

View an example of DOTS Address Validation – International correcting messy input addresses:



Try out DOTS Address Validation – International today and test it out for yourself!


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