SO Strong: A Note from Our CEO Geoff Grow

Amid the backdrop of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to reassure you that Service Objects is ready for the fight. We are prepared as well as we can be for this unusual time. We are fortunate to face these challenges from a position of strength. We appreciate the continued confidence our customers and data providers have in us, many of whom take note of the following:

  • Our datacenters are located across the country using different hosting providers. This affords us inherent redundancy so we can eliminate failures within a specific provider or geographic region.
  • Our datacenters centers are backed by a cumulative investment of over $10 billion dollars of market capital and are positioned to continue to support our service delivery.
  • Since our company’s founding we’ve paid our employee’s personal high-speed internet and cell phone bills. This enables them to be remote-ready from day one. We are built from the ground-up for this.
  • In 2019 we migrated most of our day-to-day workflow over to Microsoft Teams. This provides us remotely managed channels for chat, project collaboration, video conferencing and file sharing. I estimate 80% of our daily processes have moved to Teams. The platform has been incredibly reliable and secure.
  • In mid-February we started our transition to a fully remote workforce. We started mandating work from home days a full month before recent quarantine orders were in place. While the transition hasn’t been easy for our socially tight-knit team, we’ve found our cadence in daily video huddles.
  • Service Objects’ financial stability is not related to the stock market performance. We’ve grown the company organically and without outside investment. We’ve been profitable since day one. We have a strong balance sheet, zero liability and a massive line of credit that we can use at our discretion. In other words, we’re not going anywhere.
  • Lastly, our team is committed to our core value of network excellence. Our uptime has been six nines (99.9999%) for almost two decades. We measure our downtime as a few seconds per year. This is due in part to our fanatical customer service and our overbuilt super-computer delivery network.

No one can really be fully prepared for this type of situation. I am always impressed by the spirit and dedication of our team to improve our customers’ business through data quality. We have some challenges ahead of us as we dig-in for a long fight, but we’re ready to meet them head on.

Thank you for your business, and we’re here for you.


Geoffrey Grow
CEO & Founder

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